How Concierge integrates with Klaviyo

This article is for e-commerce performance marketers who are looking to coordinate their email and text message marketing campaigns.


Concierge integrates with Klaviyo so that you can keep customer profiles and lists up-to-date, as well as coordinate email and text campaigns.

Keep Klaviyo contacts up-to-date

When customers opt in or out of texting with your brand, Concierge updates the Klaviyo person profile with opt-in status, last opt-in date, and last opt-out date.

Concierge adds properties to the Klaviyo contact record.

Segment customers in Klaviyo by SMS subscription

When you're building your SMS list, you may want to email customers who haven't opted into texting yet.  Concierge enables you to segment your customers in Klaviyo by SMS subscription status so you can target or suppress customers who have (or have not) opted into texting.

Import Klaviyo Lists and Segments into Concierge

When you're running SMS campaigns, Concierge can import any Klaviyo list or segment and display customers who have opted into texting.

Use Klaviyo Campaign Recipients for Concierge texting campaigns

When you're running SMS campaigns, you may want to text only the recipients of a Klaviyo campaign, e.g. only those who did (or did not) open an email campaign.

Keep customer messaging preferences up-to-date in Concierge

Concierge syncs with your master email list in Klaviyo so that customer email subscription status is reflected on the Concierge customer profile, as well as SMS subscription status.

The Concierge dashboard enables you to filter your customers by SMS and Email subscription status.

How to set up your Klaviyo integration with Concierge

You just need a Klaviyo API key.  Your account manager can help you set it up.  Here are instructions for creating API keys in your Klaviyo account. 

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