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Concierge helps event teams improve their guest experience using text messaging.

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Our customers are enterprises that deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Two-way Messaging

Help your guests without making them visit the help desk.

Concierge enables your event team to text with event guests so your team saves time and your guests stay focused on the event.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Keep your guests updated & on schedule.

Concierge enables your event team to send scheduled and ad hoc text messages so your guests are up-to-date on the latest from your event.


Get extra hands to handle communications.

Our team offers optional live event support to manage your lists, messages, and guest responses and help you stay focused on hosting your guests. Think of it like an air traffic controller for your event communication.

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Platform Features

Everything you need to centralize and simplify your guest communication.

Dedicated event phone number

A texting hotline so anyone can reach your team. No need to give out your personal number.

Lists and contacts

Manage messaging to different tracks e.g. hosts, VIPs, etc. No need to try to add numbers to your phone.

International messaging

Concierge supports texting to over 200 countries.

One-to-one text messaging

Anyone on the team can text with guests.

No WiFi required

Works anywhere there’s cell coverage.

Shared Inbox

Never miss a message.


Concierge integrates with a variety of event platforms, including Cvent.

Mobile-friendly web app

Nothing to download for your team or your guests.


Concierge provides customized reporting based on your event type.


Get updates via text, email, or Slack when guests send a message.

Scheduled SMS updates to groups

Get your communication plan dialed in before the event starts. Easily change or cancel scheduled messages up until the last minute.

Live Support

A real person from Concierge is available to help your team during your event – adding contacts, managing lists, sending/updating scheduled messages – anything to ensure your guest communication is on point.

Phone Number Validation

Instantly validated phone numbers so you know which guest numbers are capable of receiving texts (and which are landlines or wrong numbers.)

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding so that inbound calls to your hotline still reach your cell.

Auto Replies

Turn on auto-replies if you don't want inbound messages.

QR Code

Sharable QR code for event signage. Guests can start a conversation just by scanning.


Don't take our word for it. Here's what event managers have to say:

“I’ve already heard from guests that the texts were helpful as they got off the plane!”

Marisa Madia portrait
Event Manager

“Having you there supporting us throughout the event was incredibly helpful as our schedule kept changing.”

Haley M. Walls portrait
Event Manager

“Getting the texts during the event is reassurance to our guests that everything is organized… it’s right there on my phone.”

Thomas Gargan portrait
Event Manager

"Concierge was a huge success and was such a great way to communicate with our different groups on site… It was incredibly effective and we got great feedback on it.”

Naomi Ratner Oshry portrait
Event Manager

“We got amazing feedback about the texts. It was super helpful, especially for coordinating departures.”

Kyler O'Shea portrait
Event Manager

“Concierge saved us a ton of time communicating the event schedule and logistics and enhanced the event experience for our guests. The Concierge team was on point with support throughout the event so we could stay focused on hosting.”

Event Project Manager

“Concierge is so awesome and easy to use for all events. Being able to pre-schedule messages and separate attendees into different lists is a game changer! Guests love the reminders on location, timing, attire, and all other needed info in a quick text message. Will definitely use Concierge as a tool for all events and group trips moving forward!”

Sr. Manager, Events & Hospitality

“I had such a great experience using the Concierge platform for our project... We had nothing but stellar reviews and compliments from all of our guests. We also appreciate your help during the hectic event!”

Event Manager

"We used Concierge to communicate with all guests and hosts at our client’s annual golf tournament. The Concierge team was incredibly responsive and ensured we were prepared as we headed into our event. Guests expressed appreciation for the texting service and the ability to communicate with our team as schedules changed onsite."

Senior Manager, Performance & Insights

Concierge solves your event communication.

We understand how important timely communication is for your events, especially when things change. We thrive on supporting fast-paced event teams and love making products that just work.

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