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Concierge helps event teams improve their guest experience using text messaging.

How does Concierge work?

What is Concierge?

Concierge is guest communication software for event teams. Concierge makes it easy for event managers to send text messages to their guests, either scheduled in advance or in real time. Concierge provides you with an “event hotline” so that your guests can easily text your team to get support during events.

What types of events is Concierge used for?

Concierge is typically used for corporate and non-profit multi-day events. A few examples are: Partnership meetings, executive offsites, festivals, incentive trips, golf tournaments, and customer hospitality.

What number will my messages come from?

We register a regular ten-digit U.S. phone number in advance of your event. Toll-free numbers and shortcodes are also available for larger events. You can publish these numbers in your “know before you go” documents and marketing materials so guests know how to get support during your events.

Can my guests respond to our messages?

Yes. Your guests can respond to your messages like any regular text. Members of your team can be notified via text, email, or Slack channel when your guests send a message.

Can my guests call our event phone number?

Yes. We can set up call forwarding to any other number (e.g. your cell phone) so that inbound calls are routed to you.

Is Concierge an app?

Concierge is a mobile-optimized web app that works from your desktop or smartphone. We know that event managers work while on-the-go and we’ve worked hard to ensure that our web app is easy to use on a cell phone. There’s nothing that your guests or your event team need to download in advance.

Does Concierge send group messages to multiple people on the same thread?

Using Concierge, you’re able to send messages to all your guests at once, to a smaller list of guests, or to an individual guest.  From the guest’s perspective, all messages are between your event phone number and them only. Guest contact information is kept private from other guests.

How much does Concierge cost?

Concierge can be purchased for an individual event fee or by annual subscription. Pricing is based on the number of guests at your event, as well as a small per-message fee for inbound and outbound text messages you send.

Is there a maximum number of messages I can send?

Concierge scales to support messaging over 250k contacts at once. If you’re planning a large event, please schedule a time to discuss your needs.

Why should we use Concierge?

We already use an event app. Why should we use texting at our event?

Our customers tell us that their guests don’t want to download another app. And even if they do download it, sometimes they don’t turn on push notifications.  So it’s difficult to know which guests are receiving your updates.

With texting, you can establish a one-to-one connection with all of your event guests from the time they register with their phone number. Information that you might previously share in an app – like daily schedule details – is easy to share as a link from a text.

Additionally, Concierge provides delivery confirmation of all messages, so you know which guests are receiving your texts.

We normally text from a regular cell phone. Why should we use Concierge instead?

It’s difficult to manage a lot of event contacts using your phone and it’s time consuming to send individual messages to lots of people.

You may not want to give out your personal number.

You may want your team to be able to see and respond to guest messages.

We hear from our customers that guests don’t want to be included on a group message thread.

Concierge solves these problems by providing you with an event hotline phone number, the ability to text all your guests individually at once, and the ability for your team to see all conversations with your guests.

We use email to communicate with our guests. Why should we use texting?

We hear from our customers that it is difficult to reach their guests via email during or even before events. Guests at events may not be checking their email to receive updates about the event schedule. Texting offers a fast and personal communication channel that’s appropriate for real-time communication.

International Events

Does Concierge work with international numbers?

Yes. Concierge can send text messages to numbers in over 200 countries. We’ve run communications with participants from Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Does Concierge work in international destinations?

Yes. Concierge works anywhere your guests can receive text messages on a cellular network. Note that guests who send and receive text messages while traveling internationally may incur additional fees from their carrier (unrelated to Concierge), however, all major U.S. cell phone providers offer simple plans for customers traveling internationally. Here are links to international "day pass" plans from Verizon and AT&T. In addition, carriers typically send a free notification to customers arriving in an international locale with the option to opt-in to these plans.

Signing Up and Opting Out

Can I use QR code signage to collect sign-ups at my event?

Yes, Concierge offers a mobile-friendly, customizable landing page with each account so you can collect signups. We can help you set up your QR code signage so it’s easy for your guests to subscribe.

What if my guests don’t want to receive text messages?

You should only send text messages to registered guests who have given you permission to text them. We typically include reminders about how to unsubscribe from messages, e.g. “Reply STOP to unsubscribe”. Guests who reply using a STOP keyword will be automatically removed from future messages.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

Yes. We’re excited to support the mission of nonprofit organizations.

Do you integrate with other event software?

Yes, Concierge has a variety of existing integrations and our technology team can usually support a connection with your existing event tools. We can discuss your technology setup when you book a demo.

Running an event using Concierge

My event is coming up soon. How long does it take to set up Concierge?

We can typically have your account ready to use within 3-5 days of contract signing.

Can my whole event team use Concierge together? How will we know who has replied to our guests?

Concierge is easy to use as an individual event manager or as an event team. Event teams working together can all see the same guest conversation threads, as well as which team members have sent messages to each guest, so everyone is on the same page. There’s no limit to how many team members can use Concierge.

How do we get notified when we have new messages from our guests?

Concierge can notify you and your team members via text, email, and Slack when you receive a new message.

Is there a limit to the number of group lists we can manage inside Concierge?

No, you can have as many lists as you want. Customers typically have lists for different program tracks or groups going to the event, e.g. “VIPs”, “Team”, “Sponsors”, etc. so that they can send personalize messages to those unique audiences.

Can I set up automatic responses?

Yes, Concierge offers auto-response messages to inbound keywords from your guests.

For example, imagine you want to poll your guests on who will attend a party later in the schedule. You can configure an auto-response for the keyword “PARTY” that says “Great! We’ll see you soon!

”Here’s what would happen:

  1. You’d text your guests “Reply PARTY if you’re planning to attend this evening’s celebration starting at 7 PM.”
  2. Guests who want to attend send the messages “PARTY”
  3. Concierge sends your pre-configured auto-reply: “Great! We’ll see you soon!”
Does Concierge offer support?

Yes. Concierge offers live support during your events. We know our customers are typically busy hosting in-person guests and that plans often need to change during events. Event teams often want extra hands to manage event communication needs such as: Scheduling and sending ad hoc messages, updating group lists, and responding to guest messages. Think of Concierge like an “air traffic controller” so your event communication runs smoothly.

What types of updates do people usually send?

Event teams typically send quick and casual messages each day. Here are some examples of popular topics:

  • Weather / changes in weather
  • What to wear
  • Transportation / logistics (e.g. where to meet your shuttle or car service)
  • Schedule / Where to go and when
  • Maps and directions (links to Google Maps pins or walking directions)
  • Instructions for picking up tickets or access badges
  • Asking about meal preferences (e.g. dietary restrictions or selecting a choice for an upcoming meal)
  • Asking about reservations for services (e.g. spa treatments)
  • Announcements about groups (e.g. tee times or breakout sessions)
  • Party reminders
  • Surprise announcements (e.g. special guests)
  • Urgent updates when unpredictable changes occur


Does Concierge integrate with our registration platform?

Yes, Concierge supports a variety of integrations with event platforms (e.g. Cvent) so that you can easily import your registered guests into Concierge.

Does Concierge work with WhatsApp?

Not currently. Meta/WhatsApp requires that message templates go through a lengthy approval process (longer than 48 hours with no SLA), which is typically prohibitive for event teams working in a dynamic environment with shifting timelines and lots of logistics. With Concierge, you're able to send and receive real time 1-1 text messages and also schedule text messages to any number of registered event guests – to everyone at once or to different audiences like breakout groups.

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