Our approach to partnerships

Concierge’s mission is to make e-commerce personal.

We help customer-obsessed brands reach out to the right customers, at the right time, with 100x the personal approach of other marketing software.  So that brands can deliver a unique experience and grow a sustainable business full of repeat customers who love them. Partnership strategy can be an afterthought for SaaS companies in e-commerce enablement.  Not for us.  Here’s why:

We can’t do it without you.  No, seriously, we can’t.  The events that occur in your platform are a critical part of the e-commerce customer’s journey.  We use that data to:

  • Help service team members be more aware in their customer conversations, like “I know that this customer has a return on the way back (and may want to know when to expect a refund.”
  • Help marketing teams segment the customers they target with a new campaign, like “these customers who left positive reviews on Shopify review plugin”
  • Help salespeople make the right product recommendations based on what has recently come back in stock

Exceptional partnerships are the only way we succeed at enabling our users to delight their customers.  We team up with the awesome people of other companies (that’s you) who also love building unique e-commerce experiences and helping brands grow. Because of what we do at Concierge, partnerships are the lifeblood of how we solve problems for our customers.

Our goal when building a new partnership agreement is to make it a remarkable experience for you.  Literally, worthy of remark!  As in, “Concierge is, by far, our most collaborative partner.” If you’d like to discuss a potential technology platform or agency partnership, please email partners@conciergeteam.co or text us (646) 846-2468 and we’ll get right back to you.

About Concierge

Concierge works for marketing leaders at customer-obsessed brands. You're the hero in our story. We help you grow repeat revenue with personalized campaigns, behavioral, and one-to-one text messages throughout your customer lifecycle. Concierge is not like all that “text blast" software that grows revenue but reduces your net margins and annoys your customers in the process. We're an extension of your team that works for you behind the scenes (also known as in a Slack channel) to devise thoughtful, personalized messages that emphasize the quality of your merchandise and the exceptional service your customers expect. We’ll deploy text messages for you that your Founder/CEO would be proud to send or receive him- or herself. We know rolling out new sales channels takes work;  we roll up our sleeves so we can make your workday easier. We’re game to demonstrate measurable ROI from your texting program, in fact, we’ll guarantee it. Sign up for a discovery call with the Concierge Team.

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