How can I increase my click through rate in SMS?

Clickthrough rate on SMS campaigns is determined by several factors:

  1. Initial sign-up reason: Why did people subscribe to your SMS list?  If the content you share is disconnected from your audience's original motivation for joining, you shouldn't expect them to click. The biggest mistake that e-commerce brands make is driving SMS subscriber growth through discounting only. This usually stems from a lack of focus on profitability by marketing channel or lacking the tools to measure and report campaign results reliably.
  2. Hygiene: Did you include a link to your site?  Does it appear to be a trustworthy short link?  If a link is not consistently present or the link looks suspicious, subscribers won't click.  There are good reasons for sending an SMS to your subscribers without a link, e.g. a campaign where you want to solicit responses to a question.
  3. Quality of content: Ensure the content that you're sharing via SMS is special and (ideally) unique to the channel. If you publish lackluster content, expect limited engagement.
  4. Frequency: If you're sending too frequently, your subscribers will get tired of your messages, regardless of content.
  5. Timing: There is plenty of data out there on when to send SMS campaigns. Most of our customers request campaigns on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings.
  6. Level of personalization: If your content and sending approach isn't personalized to your recipient, you shouldn't expect clickthrough.
The more you are able to put yourself in your subscribers' shoes, the more you'll generate authentic engagement with your marketing text message campaigns.

Ways to fix low click through rate on SMS campaigns

  1. Align messages with signup reasons. It's fine to collect SMS opt-ins using discounts or promotions, as long as you don't expect those customers to start converting from campaigns focused on full price. 
  2. Survey your SMS subscribers about what types of messages they want to receive.  Use survey responses to develop audience personas and segment your sending.
  3. Develop unique content and offers for your SMS marketing channel. If your customers see the same messages across different channels, they won't need to subscribe to all of them.
  4. Coordinate the timing of your email and SMS campaigns.  Sending campaigns in multiple channels will reduce the collective revenue impact.  Either give customers early access via SMS, or use SMS as a follow-up mechanism for folks who didn't engage or purchase from your email campaign.
  5. Keep it to one link per message. Campaigns that have multiple links can be confusing to the recipient.
  6. Scrub your SMS subscriber list: If your messages are repeatedly undelivered to numbers on your list, remove them.
  7. Send less frequently. Once a week is sufficient for most brands.

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