Back in stock SMS

Your merchandising team has good news: That popular style your customers love is back in stock.  

Finally! A release from the frustration of being out of stock.  Your customers will be excited or at least not so annoyed at broken size runs on your site.

A natural reaction is “Let’s run a campaign!"

But you’re way ahead of that, right?

You already captured demand for that SKU with a back-in-stock solution, capturing demand while the customer is shopping.

However, if you’re only using email, you’re missing out.

With our customers, SMS is the fastest growing channel for capturing lost sales.

In the past month, we’ve seen 65% INCREMENTAL REVENUE in Google Analytics for customers who add SMS to their product detail pages versus email alone.

All this revenue comes from customers who also chose to receive an email (and also received a back in stock notification but chose to buy via text instead.)

If you’d like to capture more revenue when your products are out of stock, book a demo and we'll show you how.

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