How 11 Honoré delivers VIP service

We sat down with Lindsay K., Chief Growth Officer at 11 Honoré to discuss his approach to SMS Marketing.

Tell me about what you were initially doing at 11 Honoré to connect with high-value customers. What was the approach and why wasn't it working?

My team was working off of their own 'lists' ... paper, excel spreadsheets, trying to remember what clients they had served by looking at past sales logs or Shopify orders. It was inconsistent, hard to keep track of, caused us to miss some customers and duplicate efforts reaching out to others which wasn't a great experience for the sales or CS team – especially as we started to grow beyond a team of 2.

Lists were inconsistent, hard to keep track of, caused us to miss some customers, and duplicate efforts for others.

When you connected with Concierge, what was the biggest problem you were trying to solve?

Improved, organized, effective, streamlined client communication first and foremost. Beneath that sub-bullets would be "the ability to search and sort by lifetime spend, date of last contact, purchase date, brands purchased, etc." ... "the ability to collect and store customer information in one single source of truth" ... "the ability to mass communicate with customers while still looking personalized."

How has Concierge helped deepen relationships and improve customer engagement at 11 Honore? Please share any data or anecdotes related to customer retention/sales "wins" made via Concierge.

Customers don't get missed, clients now receive information more quickly as well.

Customers don't get missed, clients now receive information more quickly as well. We can track who is opening emails and reach back out immediately to follow up. We can help our team better recommend product by highlighting price sensitivity and brands that work well when new product arrives. We can send 1:1 emails to be highly personal as well as templated broadcasts to ensure mass communication has the voice and tone of 11 Honoré.

What makes a partnership with Concierge unique? And what do you love most about the platform today?

It's being built to our needs and John is highly engaged with our team, helping every step of the way. It's not an out-of-the-box turnkey tool, but we are a unique company so this fits our needs very well.

What types of companies would benefit from Concierge the most?

Direct to consumer brands with sales people managing books. Small companies who need hand holding and custom tools. Larger companies who are using antiquated systems to manage their books. Direct sales companies could be interesting as well

About Concierge

Concierge works for Performance Marketers at customer-obsessed brands. You're the hero in our story. We help you grow repeat revenue with personalized broadcast, triggered, and one-to-one text messages throughout your customer lifecycle. Concierge is not like all that “text blast" software that grows revenue but reduces your net margins and annoys your customers in the process. We're an extension of your team that works for you behind the scenes (also known as in a Slack channel) to devise thoughtful, personalized messages that emphasize the quality of your merchandise and the exceptional service your customers expect. We’ll deploy text messages for you that your Founder/CEO would be proud to send or receive him- or herself. We know rolling out new sales channels takes work;  we roll up our sleeves so we can make your workday easier. We’re game to demonstrate measurable ROI from your texting program, in fact, we’ll guarantee it. Sign up for a discovery call with the Concierge Team.

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