Checking out is annoying and other reasons Concierge integrates with Stripe and Shopify


If you’re a personal shopper or client services team member at a high-end retail brand, you want a way to manage customer credit cards.  Concierge helps you and your team save credit cards securely and conveniently for use with future Shopify orders.  Then, repeat purchases are as easy as "yes" with your best customers.

Why is it valuable to store customer credit cards?

Your top customers are busy. Your goal is to make their lives easier and shopping experience convenient.  You want to provide VIP services, like early access to new merchandise.  Your customers want you to keep their card on file and you need a way to do that securely.  Customers with cards on file are much more likely to repeat purchase than average customers.


Collect your customers’ credit cards via text message (securely)

Customers may not want to give their credit card information out to an associate, but they do want the convenience of a stored card. On the other hand, customers might NOT worry about texting or emailing a picture of their card (or the card number) but this leaves them, and your company, vulnerable to fraud. Concierge enables you to send a unique link via text or email so customers can add their card for future purchases themselves.  

Store cards securely and respect your customers’ privacy

When you or a team member add a customer card to Concierge, you’ll be able to see key details like card type (e.g. VISA), last four digits of the card number, and the expiration date.  However, nobody will be able to see or use the card beyond secure transactions with your brand.  Concierge does not see or touch full credit card numbers, these are handled using our integration with Stripe.

Complete Shopify Draft Orders with stored credit cards

Concierge enables you and your team to complete any Shopify Draft Order with your customer’s stored credit card.  If the customer paid with their stored card, Shopify refunds will also be automatically returned to the customer's original method of payment.

Get notified when your customer adds a card

Concierge can let you know once a customer has added their credit card so you know the card has been added and you can proceed with your transaction.

Repeat purchasing is as easy as saying “yes”

Once you’ve collected and stored a customer’s card, you’ll be able to streamline your sales process with conversational commerce. Buying is easier for them and selling is easier for you.

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