For retail store teams

Boost your store team’s productivity 10x.

Concierge enables retail teams to grow revenue beyond store walls.

Concierge messaging UI
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Two-way Messaging

Reach customers in their preferred channel.

Update customers on new product releases, sales, and events via SMS or email.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Reengage your best customers.

Concierge gives sales team members the ability to reach out in bulk to their assigned customer to announce new products in store, sales, and events.

lifecycle reminders

Stay in touch at the right time.

Concierge notifies team members when their customers place orders, receive deliveries, initiate a return, request back-in-stock, and other key customer lifecycle events.

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Concierge | SMS Marketing for customer-obsessed brands

"The Concierge team helped us deliver next-level communication for our event guests. Our clients loved receiving text updates!"

Gain visibility into associate activity and results.

Concierge provides associate-level reporting on messaging activity and revenue. Hold your team accountable with easy-to-read reports.

Concierge messaging UI

World-class integrations

Concierge has one-click integrations with your existing e-commerce stack.

Coordinated campaigns

Concierge syncs with Klaviyo lists and segments and updates your Klaviyo contact records.

Shorter checkout

Concierge facilitates credit card collection so your VIPs can buy directly through messaging.

Trackable appointments

Concierge connects to your store team's Calendly accounts so you can track how campaigns convert to in-store or virtual shopping appointments.

See Concierge in action

Learn how Concierge can help your team level up guest communication at your next event.

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